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Commencement of health education for teachers

It has been started that a course of health education which instructed by exparts JEN trains them. The course is intended for all of teachers from 81 schools which located in two districts of Province of Parwan, Bagram and Jabulsaraj.
The teachers attend lectures of health education for 3 days.
For classrooms, we’ve been chartering a school which is closing during winter recess
Before beginning of the class, we assessed KAP (Knowledge, Attitude and Practice) to check participants’ knowledge and habit relative to health.
Comparing to the acquirement level of knowledge and practice about health, we can find the achievement and future tasks, and we can take advantage of future activities.

KAP assessment (District of Bagram BagramBagram Bagram Air Base Boys High School


At the first day of the class, we give out health kits to the participants.
Secondly, they learn the way of hand-wash and the way of making Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) used for symptom of dehydration caused by diarrheal disease and other training program with practicing and having group discussion,

Lecture by Health education expert (District of Jabulsaraj Zarbia High School


Practice of hand-wash (District of Bagram Darul Alum Mohammadi Boys High school


Group work (District of Bagram Khwaja khesraw wali high school


On the last day of the course, we assess KAP after the course, and we award the certificate of health education course to all of participants who have attended the course throughout 3 days.

Award Certificate to Participants (District of Bagram Abdul Star Shaheed High School


The health education course has been completed at 48 schools at district of Bagram and 15 schools at district of Jabulsaraj.

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