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Aiding Classroom Tents

In Afghanistan, JEN has been aiding projects other than hygiene education and school environment renovation project which was previously introduced. The other project is the supplying tents for classrooms.

The school environment renovation project mainly constructs and repairs water supply hygiene infrastructures but it is also constructs and repairs the school building and classrooms when it is necessary. During the renovation of the classroom, the children must study in the open field. Therefore, JEN decided to imply support for procurement and lending classroom tents to protect the children from the influence outside.

①The tent for the classroom:


This is the tent that has been in use. Installing classroom tent will make the children feel secure inside the classroom, under the strong sunlight, wind and snow.

②One tent is 40 square meters with a window. The capacity is approximately for 40 people.


The school environment renovation project will begin to renovate two school building of the Bagram district from this April. JEN will prepare 10 classroom tents which are necessary. This will placed in the schoolyard until the renovation will end, so that the children can study in a secure environment.

③In Islamabad, inspecting the supplier by the program officer (left) and office director (right).


After the whole construction finishes, the tent will be recovered and will be recycle when necessary.

March 29, 2012 in Afghanistan |