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"A seminar of hope" having started


On Saturday the 24th of March, JEN began to offer an after-school program "Seminar of hope" at HANA house in Kaduma district, Ishinimaki city. The program is aimed to assist junior-high school and high high-school students in the disaster area for free in learning and preparing for examinations.

We named it "Seminar of hope" because we hope to be of some help in preventing hardship from making students give up their hopes and go on to the next stage of education.
Thanks to the cooperation with the NPO called "FLorence", learning assistance has started at HANA house where JEN is supporting to maintain communities.


Since a study room in HANA house became available for students, many high school and junior high school students gathered to talk about a variety of topics; problems with study for an exam; high schools that they wish to go on to; choice of major field of study at college; what they hope to become in the future. Yet tensions were seen on their faces, children freshly talked about their hopes.

HANA house where usually people from children to adults in the region get together will turn into a place of learning for students on every Saturday afternoon from now on.
JEN continues to help children in the region to make their ways, responding the needs such as offering study room.

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