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We held a general meeting with a health education specialist

Like last year, in 2012, we will work towards improving health education, the water supply and health facilities, and the schools in two districts, Bagram and Jaburusaraji of Parwan Province.

The goal for health education is to disseminate knowledge from health education specialists with the Ministry of Education to newly trained heath education trainers, who will then educate instructors, who in turn will educate the students, so that the knowledge will proliferate through the families and consequently the entire community.
Last month in JEN’s Charika office, we held a meeting with a health education specialist/trainer about health education for this fiscal year.


(Picture: A JEN field officer explains about the overall health education projects for this fiscal year)

(Picture: A health education specialist shares his thoughts)

In the meeting, 14 health education specialists and trainers, who were in charge of JEN’s health education training in 2010 and 2011 participated, demonstrating again a lot of enthusiasm for the project this year.


(Picture: 14 health education specialists and trainers participated in a preparatory meeting about the way health education training should be run)

Currently, the  Ministry health education specialists and trainers are holding health education training for teachers. We will introduce them next time.

February 16, 2012 in Afghanistan |