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The three-month anniversary event on Oshika-noren Avenue -A live concert by Katsuragi Yuki-

On Saturday, February 18, a concert was held to commemorate that three months had passed since the opening of Oshika-noren Avenue, which is located in Ayukawa Beach on Oshika Peninsula. It was clear in the morning and the event started with an open-air karaoke contest. Local karaoke fans got together and they sang their favorite songs.

[ Karaoke fans are singing strongly to the clear blue sky!]

At the same time, Jen staff members asked them to fill out a questionnaire. Jen conducted a customer survey on Noren Avenue and also asked questions of residents in make-shift houses. About 100 people filled out the questionnaire in all. Some customers were from some other cities or prefectures. One of them said, “ I’ve come to do some volunteer work near here and today I visited this venue.”

[ Conducting a survey on the Noren Avenue ]

[ Conducting a survey at the nearby make-shift houses ]

In the afternoon, Katsuragi Yuki, who paid a consolation visit to this place just after the disaster and a live concert was held. People started to gather and the audience was about 300 people. This event finished in a great success . The town and its residents have taken another step forward.

[ A live concert by Katsuragi Yuki ]

[ A lot of people gathering on the Noren Avenue ]

In the late afternoon, Katsuragi Yuki visited Hana House in the Kasai district. She also visited this place just after the earthquake. A lot of people waiting for Yuki to arrive here had their clothes autographed, and shook hands with her. Hana House was filled with their happy smiles.

[ People waiting for her autographs and handshakes with her ]

In the end, people in all took pictures of themselves to commemorate this day. People on Noren Avenue and Hana House will surely meet some other new people. People meet and build up their ties. Jen will support people so that they can share such scenes more.

[ People took pictures in commemoration of the reunion.]

[ Dispatching Volunteers] Kitsunezaki Inari Shrine  ~ Omikoshi Volunteers ~

Duration: From February 24 through 27, 2012
Total number of volunteers participated in: 3980
Total number of volunteers supporting fisheries industry: 755

For three days, from Feb.25 through 27, 36 volunteers including employees of Mitsuibussan Co. took part in this activity.

February 18, 2012 in Tohoku earthquake |