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The start of goat management training

The workshops for stockbreeding trainers being held in Dera Ismail Khan district are important part of the livelihood recovery project for internally displaced persons.

Based on the standards made by JEN, the field team will select stockbreeding trainers from the area the project will be based on. The members selected will all be young, educated, filled with the volunteer spirit and enthusiastic about learning.

The stockbreeding trainers will first participate in a 10-day goat management training course, then attend a supplementary training course, and take on a role to spread the knowledge about raising and managing goats to other displaced households.

In 2012, we split the 80 stockbreeding trainers into 4 groups of 20 and have held training sessions for each group in order.


On the first day of training for Group #1, which was held the other day, the stockbreeding trainers asked many questions regarding the objectives of the training and the benefits of attending the course. The livestock experts in charge of the training course listened with great interest to the concerns of the trainers.


The following are the comments from the stockbreeding trainers who participated in the training course.

- For us, livestock is the main source of income, but because the livestock was mainly consumed by our own family until now, the benefits thereof were limited.
Through this training course, I was able to learn in depth about the benefits through the use of livestock.

- We are receiving education, but at the refugee shelters all we do is waste time and there is nothing to do all day.
Thanks to this training course, I have acquired the skills needed to work and I am able to contribute to helpless communities that need our support.

- Due to the training course, I was able to learn about goat management methods, social mobilization, and enterprise development.
From now on, I have decided to change the use of livestock from personal consumption to business use.

- We, the community of the Massoud tribe have a reputation for our hospitality.
From the training course that we attended, I believe we can have the opportunity to help other people in an even better way.


February 16, 2012 in Pakistan |