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The soccer qualifying round for Olympic was held in Amman (Japan vs. Syria)

February 5, the London Olympics qualifying match was held in Amman, capital of Jordan.  It was the match between Japan national football team U-23 and the representative of Syria.

The game, lots of Japanese who are living in Jordan was rushed to the support. The team Japan, unfortunately, lost 2-1 to Syria because of the second point by Syria just before the end of the game. The sprit of the team Syria by the players was very impressive.


The stadium was mobilized by a lot of security guards concerning about the unstable situation in Syria. However, the game ended safely without any confusion.


This victory of Syria would be good news for Syria in which dark topics have continued for a long time.

JEN office in Jordan has been working to repair schools in Iraq and to promote sanitary business. We are also currently collecting information about the situation in Syria.

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