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Riaz’s Trauma

Both natural and man-made disasters will affect suffers’ lifestyles for a long time.
Riaz ad-Dīn’s trauma is one example.

In South Waziristan, where Riaz used to live, a battle occurred between an armed group and the government military. The battle got serious, using fighters, armed helicopters, machine guns battle planes and trench mortars, eventually forcing residents to evacuate. Riaz and his family took refuge, too.

Riaz’s house was devastated and many people were killed by bombing. He was mentally damaged by losing neighbors and loved ones, houses and assets and being forced to evacuate from his home.

Riaz’s father hospitalized Riaz in a mental hospital in Peshawar spending all the money he had, but Riaz has not got well.

Today, Riaz lives in a tent distributed by UNHC with his parents and his 7 brothers and sisters in Dera Ismail Khan. He is suffering from poverty.

His father and brothers work by the day. Their earnings are short for the family life and expensive Riaz’s medical cost.

When Riaz came to register for JEN’s support, JEN asked his father because he did not answer the interview himself.


His father said that Riaz takes prescribed tranquilizer due to frequent disturbance of consciousness.


I heard many people here suffer from mental disorder and sense of loss caused by conflicts like Riaz.

JEN will continue our support in order to support as many people with trauma as possible.

February 2, 2012 in Pakistan |