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Kazuma Himawari-Kai meeting in HANA house

Old familiar faces came back after a long while. 16 members of Kazuma Himawari-Kai gathered in HANA house in Kazuma district.

About Kazuma Himawari-Kai


Kazuma Sumire-Kai was former name of this community. We heard about 40 to 60 female members over 70 were there before the earthquake. It was originally established for elderly people who are healthy enough but not having much opportunity to go out --because they live alone-- to provide place to meet and talk to each other. In that time there were also 15 to 20 of the age 50’s and support of local community to help them.

Many of them have gone elsewhere because of the earthquake, but gradually they are coming back. This gathering for was held by those of them who came back, and who keep staying. And they started new community as Kazuma Himawari-Kai. Even there are not so many people as it used to be, somehow seeing faces of friends and neighbors appeared to be so delightful to them.

The gathering started from a message of the chairperson, then session about “How to wash hands and gargle” and “Necessity of wearing a mask”. Everyone was listening carefully about the guidance by municipal healthcare officer.

(Guidance of how to wash hands by healthcare officer)

Next we played ball game using a ball made with milk packs. We match each other with scores. After it was over, we chat with friends sipping tea.

(Throwing a ball)

During the gathering we sang “Bokenai (not demented) song” and “Bokemasu (become demented) song” with given handouts. We sang a cappella or with hand claps. As we went on, some members started to sing whatever songs they like and started to dance. Everyone looked really lively and joyful.

(We enjoy singing, dancing)

“We’ll meet here again.” Said one of participants and marked on a reservation note in HANA house. Everyone was pleased that they found a wonderful place.

HANA house was usually used for gathering of children and their mothers. This time it was used for the elderly such as Kazuma Himawari-Kai. Now they are is aiming to support restoration of community of all kinds of generations through various kinds of activities.

Scars of the disaster are still remaining everywhere in the town or inside one’s heart in invisible way.
JEN will support maintaining moment or place of relief so that people suffering difficult condition can recall “their feeling before” at least for a moment.

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