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Dengue fever

It was on the 11th month after my arrival in Sri Lanka, when I came down with the disease. Dengue fever.
Dengue fever is probably an unfamiliar disease in Japan, but you may have heard of its name.

 It is one of the mosquito-borne infectious diseases for which preventive vaccine does not yet exist. Avoiding being bitten by mosquitos is the only preventive measure.

 Main symptoms include high fever and headache but severe cases may result in hemorrhages and death.   

 The number of infected persons and Dengue-related deaths are frequently reported in the local newspapers. The reality is that the number of patients and deaths are much higher than the Government’s capacity.

 As for myself, I experienced the first hospital stay in my life and was discharged a couple of days ago.
 I am filled with gratitude for the support that has been offered to me by all my friends, superiors, and colleagues in and out of Sri Lanka. I cannot thank them enough.

February 23, 2012 in Sri Lanka |