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About Labriette

In Labriette, many residents didn’t use a communal laundry place which Jen has built, but they used the river nearby for washing.  The reason is that, in order to use a lot of water for the washing, they needed to pump over and over again and it was very tough work for them.

So, I put a drum can to fill it with water.


Then, the communal laundry place is fully packed with mothers although it was empty before.


In addition, the mothers are crowded out of the place and said "make the place much wider ! "
A little idea to set up a drum can has led to the gathering place for the residents.


The place is now a base to share information as well as to talk each other, such as an information session about the use of chlorine by a water management committee.

February 9, 2012 in Haiti |