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A message from JEN's new staff member

We would like to welcome our new member of our staff, Naeem Khan, the general affairs and accounting assistant.

At this time, I am honored that I can introduce myself as a new employee for JEN.


From the influence of my parents and my alma mater, University of Malakand in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, I have wanted to be involved in humanitarian aid from when I was a student. I was appointed as a representative for a student welfare organization called WIFT (Society for Welfare Interaction and Tours) by my professors.

This organization is non-government and non-profit organization that supports students who need various types of aid like financial aid, moral aid, and etc. and has even been historically promoted as a model for the university by the vice president of the university.

After getting a bachelor’s degree in business management from the university, I worked at a private company in the personnel department and learned about human affairs and general affairs. While working, I continued my studies and after 2 years I completed my masters course in human resource management.

With the 3 years and 8 months of experience working at the company and the master’s degree that I obtained, I developed self-confidence and achieved my long-held dream and to be hired to work for an international NGO. Throughout the year that it took to complete the objectives for our projects, I was able to learn even a lot more by working together with the international staff.

I feel very fortunate to work for the Afghanistan projects in JEN’s Islamabad office and to have the opportunity to work for humanitarian aid again.

All the members of the team are very cooperative and the way they work ambitiously towards a common goal is very professional. I have also realized that the development in my career has allowed me to grow as an individual.

This type of environment works in a positive way as we work to support the people in Afghanistan, who have lived a difficult life for a long time.

The local staff in Afghanistan are also respected and cooperative and they work ambitiously towards a goal.

My goal is to take initiative and to work professionally in an organization like JEN, which provides humanitarian aid to people who really need it.

I am grateful to my parents and my professors who have guided me thus far.

February 2, 2012 in Afghanistan |