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Until the construction is complete

Until the construction is complete Last year we again safely completed all our planned construction projects. JEN has restored and constructed 14 schoool facilities last year in the Saran and Saidoheru district and the number of construction sites has risen to 45. (Picture: The external wall) 120105_4 (Picture: Toilet) 120105_5 (Picture: Hand-wash station) 120105_6 For security reasons, the international team that oversees activities in Afghanistan has been unable to reside in country. For this reason, the international staff have been administering the progress of construction and working entirely out of Islamabad in Pakistan.  The construction itself has been delegated to a local construction company, but the local Afghani JEN staff make daily trips to the construction site and report on the progress of construction to the Pakistan based international staff. In addition, the local staff share pictures taken at the site the Islamabad office so the international staff can visually monitor the status of the site. Pictures are taken from the same angle so we can get precise information about the progress of the construction. For example, this is what the construction of the classrooms of Chenaki Boy’s School looked like. Foundations were laid during the 1st week. In the 2nd and 3rd week, bricks were laid. In the 4th week, the roof was completed. Window frames were added in the 5th week and in the 6th week, painting was finished and the school was completed. With this type of effort, we have completed constracution of all 45 sites planned last year. To complete the construction on time and allow the children to study in a comfortable environment, requires cooperation of local and international staff to drive projects forward. This year we will continue with more projects so that we can give our support to as many children as we can.

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