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The 1st Karaoke Party at the Makeshift house complex

The 1st tea party and Karaoke was held at the meeting gathering room of a makeshift house complex in the Kahoku district on the Thursday, January 19th.

This was held at the request of residents there, and was the 1st Karaoke event JEN worked on to support communities. When JEN members visited the meeting gathering room to report this event, residents had already started singing merrily and freely to Karaoke music.

[ picture ] A lot of people gathered in the morning

Residents rarely have chances to sing out loudly, living in makeshift houses for a long time.

“I haven’t sung for ages “
“Since I don’t usually sing out loud, I’m not in good voice.”
“That’s because walls are not thick enough.”

We saw some realities of resident in their shy faces. Some people even requested asked to sing duets with JEN staff members. We laughed and sang pleasantly merrily together.

Some residents
A song often sung at oyster processing factories reminded some residents of their those old days.
Some residents brought snacks or Japanese pickles with them, and we have felt this gathering place(room has now come to be supporting their daily lives.

[ picture ] Duets with JEN staff members !!

A woman who had lost her grandchild sang an Enka song, “ My Grandchild (Mago)” in tears.
A woman sang a song which has a line, “ Flowers will bloom when snow melts away, hopping for brighter future.

This Karaoke was a special event with memories and hopes of so many people.

January 19, 2012 in Tohoku earthquake |