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HBS Students Visited Ishinomaki –First Day

Students from Harvard Business School (HBS) visited Ishinomaki, for two days, on January 7th and 8th. The aim of their visit was to observe current situation at Ishinomaki and interview with local people about JEN’s cloths distribution project supported by UNIQLO in April 2011.

At first, they were gathered at JEN Ishinomaki office.
They seriously listen to the explanations from JEN staff who had provided supports since the time when the Great East Japan Earthquake just occurred.

The students questioned about variety of points about distribution of cloths.

[Students from HBS at JEN Ishinomaki office]


[The HBS students gazed at the information about the disaster time]

Next, they went to Fukki-ura at Ojika peninsula. On the way of Fukki-ura, they dropped at Hiyori-yama park and it was their first time to see the whole scenery of Ishinomaki-city. We could feel they were at a loss for words.
When we arrived at Fukki-ura, local people kindly welcomed us. At first, the students and local people introduced each other sitting at round table. Despite the language difference, they gradually feel each other’s feeling and they smiled naturally.

[Smiled naturally each other for first meeting]


Local people told that how had been when the earthquake had occurred and how glad they had been when they received the cloths etc. They had variety conversations through interpreters. We could know their happiness which was led by the choice of cloths from which they could chose what they like ,their size and favourite colour.
HBS students left Fukki-ura with strong hope of reconstruction in the future.
Their visit would continued to the next day.

[Photo with every one]


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