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Has Iraq war finished?

The news said that U.S. forces except Security Assistance Force in Iraqhad withdrew on 18th December 2011.President Obama declared end of Iraq war which had continued for nine years.

However, has war in Iraq really finished?

I asked to a Iraqi staff ‘How do you think about Obama’s announcement?’
He said ‘Mr. Obama is a president of America, isn’t he?
The declaration is not for people in Iraq but for people in citizens.
These days, new wars occur in Iraq. The confrontations among
religions and politics still exist. We have no idea when we can settle them.’

It is said that the public security and order in Iraq have been getting better.
But there are news of terrorism on the TV every day
and Iraq citizens are still fighting against the fear.

JEN keep supporting Iraq until people in Iraq can live safely with true peace.

January 5, 2012 in Iraq |