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Days in Toutif

We would like to share the usage of water supply and washing facility which Jen has built in Toutif.

At 11 am. The sun is blazing on skin.

At the washing facility, four or five women wash clothes of their families singing and chatting about for 2 hours.

They used to do laundry under strong direct sunlight before, but the roof at the washing facility made it so much easier for them.

A woman, wearing a yellow shirt and shining brightly under the blue sky, has to go to draw water with 15 minutes’ walk, at least three times every day.

It takes about three minutes to fill a bucket, and one bucket is about 20 kilograms approximately.
She handles it very well as if it were common sense; however, the work is very tough.

Before the water supply facility was built by JEN, the nearest water source was a river which 700 meters away, and it took more than 30 minutes by walk.

An accumulation of small improvements is gradually changing people's lifestyle.

January 26, 2012 in Haiti |