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The favourite ingredient South Sudanese

Today, we will introduce a vital ingredient for every day’s dining table in South Sudan.

We visited a small factory in central Kajo Keji county.

Firstly, we put the ingredient into the machine.

It seemed that the ingredient was grained by the machine with motor.

What was squeezed from edge of the machine was peanut butter.

Peanut was grown in Kajo Keji county, a JEN’s project site. Each family makes peanut butter, however, the peanut butter produced at the factory where we visited is popular for the villagers. On that day the fragrance of peanut was spread around.

People love the peanut butter and they use it for variety of dishes such as soup, beans stew, vegetable stew and grilled meat and vegetable mixed with peanut sauce etc..

Although common types of peanut butter are sweet spread for bread in Japan, there are varieties of cooking methods in not only South Sudan but also many place in East Africa.

December 22, 2011 in South Sudan |