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Support to the report of Ishinomaki by TELETICA, a televition office in Costa Rica.


On December 5 (Mon), a reporting group of TELETICA, a television office in Costa Rica visited Ishinomaki to report on the reconstruction from an earthquake disaster.  They visited various places in Ishinomaki with JEN, who is supporting mental care, rebuilding of community and recovery of fishery in this area.

First, a TELETICA reporter visited a meeting place of shelters and interviewed sufferers about the situation when the earthquake and tsunami attacked them.

Recovery for Japan (RFJ) staff, who is supporting relaxation and mental care, also cooperated with them for the interview.

Among  sufferers, there are people who have mental problem. In the meeting place, JEN is rebuilding the community taking care for those people.

[JEN staff and local people : active talks in spite of the first meeting]

[massage by RFJ staff]

In the meeting place on this day, they held “Ochakko-nomi” in relaxation café. 
“I wanted to come here, but I could not do it due to inconvenience. Finally, I have come here!” In the meeting place, many people were talking comfortably. Some people were receiving massage.

[Piles of adiabator]

In shelters, coldness is becoming severe. In order to avoid coldness, adabator is piled up outside. They will prepare for the winter from now.

[JEN staff is receiving interviews about activitiy in shelters]

A reporter of TELETICA interviewed JEN staff about the community activities in shelters.

Next, they visited Fukiura area at Higashihama, Oshika.  Local fishermen were making fishing nets together with JEN Ishinomaki staff there.

Fishermen explained how to make nets to a reporter.  JEN provides materials for the fishing net, and fishermen are making fishing net by themselves.  JEN’s support is to encourage their independence.

[Making fishing net together with the local fishermen]

Last, they visited Okawa primary school in the area of Kawakita, Ishinomaki.  When they arrived, it was already dark.  So they took video using front light of the car.  About seventy per cent of pupils had been killed here.  In order to console them, plenty of flower, sweets and drinks were there.  In the letter written by a sufferer to the dead daughter, “When I wake up every morning, I feel that you are next to me..” she worte.
We cannot see in the dark photo, but there is a destroyed school building over there.

[At Okawa primary school]

Reporters of TELETICA seemed to be heavily shocked by the interviews at shelters.  They were very eager to report although time is limited to one day.  Places they visited today were only parts of the stricken area.  However, we would like Costa Rica people to know the situation at Ishinomaki.

We have started to walk for the reconstruction.
JEN will continue to support them step by step.

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