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Support for reconstruction through music – Chiristmas present of musical instruments from GLAY.

On December 19 (Mon), JEN, together with a foundation “mudef” which is running a support project of the reconstruction from the earthquake “HOPE FOR JAPAN”, held a ceremony of presentation of musical instruments to sixteen schools in Ishinomaki, that lost instruments by the disaster.

[in the middle high school in Ishinomaki – new musical instruments are on the stage/]

Brass band is very popular in Ishinomaki. Brass band by pupils was on the street for the sports festival in the spring, river opening in the summer traffic safety parade in the autumn.  ]

However, the schools, which used to be pleasant learning places, suddenly changed due to the earthquake.  There are twenty nine schools of which building was covered by water or destroyed.  Musical instruments in schools were also flowed away or covered by the sea water.

Most schools were used as a evacuation place until a few months ago.  After the earthquake, people used curtain to prevent the coldness in some school.  Some pupils are still studying in the other schools as their schools were completely burned by the fire.

Under such situations, a rock band “GLAY”,supporting mudef, presented musical instruments to schools in Ishinomaki as a Christmas gift.

[Presentation ceremony]

Eighty six kinds, two hundred eighty nine musical instruments has been presented. Before this, JEN interviewed each school about requirement for the instruments. Each school has each need.  In the middle high school where the presentation ceremony was held, they received nine instruments such as trumpet and trombone.

During the ceremony, video message from GLAY was introduced.  They said that they hoped pupils/students will make wonderful sound with those instruments in Tohoku area.  It was very strong and warm message.

[Message from GLAY]

After that, Brass band people played music. When the earthquake happened, they were practicing for the graduation ceremony that had been scheduled to be held on that day. Their performance was very high for the gold prize, and their sound was very loud and seems pleasant on this ceremony day.

[Music play by brass band]

After the ceremony, brass band people gathered in front of instruments put on the stage.

“Wow, great!”  They shouted and received the instruments.  They looked very happy.

Many school students and pupils have less opportunity to do with music due to limited environments such as temporary schools.  However, as GLAY says, music has power to make people smile.

We are really looking forward to listening the sound of brass band in Ishinomaki again through this presentation 

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