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Soccer is hot in the Middle East

In the Middle East, football is very popular and one of the national sport.  You can see the popularity from matches that the Japanese national soccer team has been playing against the countries in the Olympic preliminaries or World Cup.

In the third qualifying round for the Asia Cup of World Cup, both Jordan and Iraq have fought in the A group (Japan was in C group).

On the11st of this month which was the day of Jordan versus Singapore, when walked out on the streets of Amman, everyone was staring the game everywhere. In the restaurant, we couldn’t even place an order because everyone concentrated on the game… Jordan won 2-0 with Singapore.

In that night, people was jubilant with raising the flag in the city.

Jordan against Iraq was conducted on 15th and Iraq won, however, it was announced that both teams  proceed to the final qualifying round for the World Cup.

In the final qualifying round, there is a possibility that both Jordan and Iraq may play against Japan depending on the combination. We can't keep our eyes off from the soccer in the Middle East.

(Photo: Young people who support with face paint of the flag Jordan)


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