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Safe water for everyone

JEN has been installing Chroline dispensers supportted from your generous donations and Japan Platform.

Installing the dispenser right by the well makes it possible to chlorinate the water at the source. Also it explains its importance of the chlorinating the water then encourage the procedure.


In the early December, staffs from JEN took training to make liquid chroline with HTH powder.

Calcurate the quantity of the powder to the certain quantity of water. You have to be careful with the density of the chroline liquid. If it doesn't contain enough density of chroline, the water can't be disinfected while it can affect the taste of water and health if too much density.

Ms. Elise from IPA ( Innovations for Poverty Action) does wear the same cloth everytime she gives training. Because the chroline liquid would splash over her cloth then it gets breached.

In Haiti, 5 gallon (about 19liters) buckets are usually used. You can get enough amount of the chroline liquid for the water in the bucket by turning the dispencer lever for once.


"Then what are we gonna do if we have 1 gallon bucket?"

"How long will the disinfected water last for drinking?"

They assume problems which could happen after installing the dispensers as many as possible. So that they can make sure that the project works in any circumstances.


From now on, staffs of JEN will give training to Water Control comittee, well administrator and volunteers on the safe water supply. At the same time, JEN will start the education project to help the community understand the health benefits of disinfecting water.

JEN aims to improve the healthy lives by learning about the safe water project.

December 22, 2011 in Haiti |