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Rebuilding the community and supporting protection against disasters

On December 14 in Watanami branch office in Ishinomaki City, a presentation ceremony to give a patrol kit to Ishinomaki Watanami Area Young Crime Preventer Training Association.

The president of the association, where a patrol kit became unavailable due to the disaster, requested a kit from JEN, and it was presented today.

The president and members receiving the catalogue

The weather was good, and Mr. Tsuruoka, the president, with a new uniform and a smile, expressed his gratitude: “Thank you for a new uniform.”

The president wearing a new uniform

After that, the president and the members got on a patrol car and went into action vigorously. They will work hard for prevention of crime in Ishinomaki from now on too.

JEN will move forward to a reconstruction step by step, with local people.

December 20, 2011 in Tohoku earthquake |