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Rebuilding of community – Reconstruction of the area by ourselves

JEN made plenty of activity for the rebuilding of community after earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

JEN started meal service at the end of March. JEN provided people who went back to their house, of which first floor cannot be used but second floor is good to live, from shelters with warm lunch so that they can feel relieved.

This was a start of community café.

On July 22, JEN stopped meal service that had continued for four months.  At the begging, meal service was an emergent issue for the people who cannot use their kitchen or gas.

JEN started meal service in Nakayashiki are only, however, also started in Kazuma area in May.

At the begging of June, local people starded to help volunteers who was making meal service. In this way, collaboration of local people and volunteers began.  Then, we met people who gathered in the meeting place in Koganehama area.

In July, in addition to one meal service a day, various activities such as soccer school for kids, interchange with volunteers who provided nice coffee, and visit of volunteers who made hair cut as relaxation started..

In the last half of July, there is an atmosphere people can gather with comfort, JEN made a judge to stop meal service.  However, it does not mean the stop of support.

On the way of support for independence, JEN faces many phases. Stop of meal service was a really big turning point.  Then new system started. Namely, people of these three areas run their own three areas, and JEN supports this system.

At the end of 2011, three community café are run by the inhabitants.  From the start of a new year, community cafes will start plenty of activities for the reconstruction.  Leader of these activity is each of inhabitants. Not JEN as a supporter.

[ Community café of Nakayashiki area “Nakayashikissa” ]

Meal service in April


Handycraft school in community café

Art therapy for kids

[ Community café in Koganehama area “Koganehama-kaikan” ]

Staff announces activity

Entrance before repair work (will complete in the spring of 2012)

[ Community Café in Kazuma area “HANA-sou” ]

Meal service in May.  As this place was pulled down, meal service and other activities are made in the tents until autumn.

Community café “HANA-sou” is completed in November. In this care, people can bear the cold wether.

By the corporation and participation of plenty of supporters and inhabitants themselves of these areas, people are rebuilding their communities.  JEN will support these movements from the sidelines.


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