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【Rebuild Community 】Christmas Party at HANA house

On December 18 a Christmas party took place at HANA house, a community cafe in Ktsuma -Minami district. With the help of NIHON L’OREAL ltd. workers in Tokyo preparations for the party including arrangement for hand massage service and crafting wreaths had been completed and those workers along with JEN staff welcomed local people. While the wind was blowing hard on that day, the party was crowded with many people from children to the elderly.

【Outside of HANA house; Colorful flowers bloom】

【Entrance is full of shoes 】


Bright daylight was getting in and the Christmas song was heard in HANA house. A decorated Christmas tree welcomed people at the entrance. Time and again people there were heard to exchange greetings saying "Hi there, It has been a while.", because since the disaster they hadn't been able to see each other and they for the first time could reunite with their old friends at HANA house.

【Serve visitors hot tea and cakes 】

On that day people could participate in hands-on wreaths crafting which was crowded not only with women but men. They decorated wreaths in any way they want and took those products to their homes.

【Wreaths crafting attract many people】

Many people also waited in line for hand massage and general massage service. They spent nice and easy time enjoying hand massage by people from NIHON L’OREAL ltd., talking about their daily affairs. 

【Talk spring from hand massage 】

On looking at notebooks on the table, children gathered saying "Let me paint something on it!". They looked somehow happy, even though they were bothered at which color to use for painting pictures. One child painted a cute little girl, another one painted a number of colorful large circles and the other one painted with all their strength to tear his paper, they all looked happy.

【Children get excited about painting 】

Participants were provided with gifts at the last, makeup for adults and candy for children.

【Christmas present 】

HANA house has been a place where local people can get together without reserve since it was able to open with collaboration from NIHON L’OREAL ltd. and by donations from supporters. It is the place for adults to spend relaxed time over tea as well as for children to come together on their way home from school. Children are heard to say "Hi, I'm home" on the way back from school today. 
A Famous Christmas Song Record Concert takes place  on the 25th of this month.

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