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Ms. Kazuyo Katsuma, the author of “chabo!”, visits Ishinomaki

On December 7 and 8, for two days, Ms. Kazuyo Katsuma, the author of “chabo!”, Ms. Yumiko Kanba, a member of the promoting committee, and others visited Ishinomaki.

“chabo!” is the abbreviation for Charity Book Program, which is a donation program by JEN realized through the courtesy of the authors.

On Wednesday 7, Ms. Katsuma and others firstly visited Minato area in Ishinomaki City.

Minato area was severely damaged by the tsunami, and the ground floors of many houses were submerged under water, and then became uninhabitable. Ms. Katsuma and others were attentively listening to the explanation by JEN staff, who lived in this region until just before the disaster.

Minato area: Mountains of debris piling up can be seen on the background.

On transfer (Uonomachi area): A tank is left lying down.

Next Ms. Katsuma and others visited Fukukiura in Oshika Peninsula.

JEN continues support to resume fishing industry in Oshika region, where fishing gear such as nets and sky tanks have been washed away by the tsunami.

Local fisherpersons taught Ms. Katsuma and others net-knitting and they had an actual experience of it. As there are not many successors who can knit nets, the guidance of veteran fisherpersons is very important for transmission of technical know-how too.

Ms. Katsuma challenged fishing net-knitting too!

After that, they saw how it was like to land a basket on the boat, going out on the sea with fisherpersons.

A blue sea spread endlessly.

Conger eels, crabs, and urchins were caught!

Departing from Oshika Peninsula, they headed for HANA-So, opened in Kazuma area.

HANA-So just opened on the 29th last month as a local community café, but it had become a place where mothers who chat with tea and children come back straight from school and gather. To the children’s voices “Hi, I’m back!”, everyone answers “Welcome home!”.

They visited HANA-So.

Children playing train cheerfully

Later, Ms. Katsuma and others visited Hiyoriyama Park. A view of Ishinomaki City seen from Hiyoriyama has changed so much that there was nothing we could say. For the reconstruction of Ishinomaki, Ms. Katsuma and others continue the inspection on the next day too.

(From left)Bureau chief of JEN, Kiyama, Ms. Katsuma and others, JEN staff

A view seen from Hiyoriyama

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