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Latrine Construction by Community – the Digging

Local people would construct school latrines and JEN would provide trainings and material for it. The project was actually launched.  Latrine construction would proceeded digging holes for dirty water tank, wall construction of the holes, floor construction and wall and ceiling construction.

The digging hole needed manpower. In one of the areas, community made three groups and they were digging holed as a competition. In another area, most people were busy thus volunteers raise fund and hire the local people to dig the holes.


What the most important is for the project was not the method of digging but the process of how the local people discuss by themselves and make the decision.
They discover the problem, discuss and solve it. JEN provided self-reliance support in which local people are able to take those set of actions regularly and providing the construction material is just a catalyst of it. Though those process, the local people earn their experience as community.

James Doki,  a security of Boli  primary school in Kajokeji county said “In results of JEN’s hygiene education, students started cleaning the small old latrines which already exist. JEN was the first organization to come to such a back country. We never forget being supported by Japanese.”

We sometimes had to stop digging due to the water filled with holes by unusually continuous rain this year, however, the people were highly motivated and wished that it stopped raining immediately.

This project was supported by JPF , “Chabo!” and everyone.

December 8, 2011 in South Sudan |