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[ Drill for prevention of disasters] to make assurance doubly sure for the activity in stricken area – first aid lifesaving training by Ishinomaki staff.

On December 6 (Tue), JEN Ishinomaki staff received a traing of first aid lifesaving at Ishinomaki fire service headquarters.

[JEN staff arrives fire service headquarters!]

In order to keep high will and act safely, to receive training first aid lifesaving is very important.  JEN Ishinomaki staff learned how to revive heart, how to use AED and how to stop bleeding from a fire station staff.

[For the first aid of human life, to secure breathing.]

[JEN staff is learning the way of heart massage.]

Now, training has started. JEN staff were divided in groups and practiced heart massage.

For the heart message, they have to put palms at the center of breast, without bending elbows, and push breast with their weight.  In order to revive heart, they have to push breast about one hundred times per minute.  JEN staff are all eager to learn it.

[JEN staff are practicing heart massage.]

Next, they made role plays. There were four roles. Those are to call ambulance, to do heart massage, to use AED and to act as fire station staff.  Bearing the real situation in mind, they practiced very seriously.
For most staff, to use AED was the first experience, but they acted calmly in accordance with automatic voice from AED.

[AED pads are put diagonally around the heart.]

JEN staff took a written examination after the training for four hous.  All staff passed it and finished a training for the first aid lifesaving.

We JEN Shinomaki staff recognized the importance of the first aid lifesaving.  We will do our best for the activity in the stricken area. 


December 6, 2011 in Tohoku earthquake |