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A Place for Relaxation in Dera Ismail Khan

In eastern Dera Ismail Khan, where JEN operates, the Indus River flows. The Indus River is the biggest river in Pakistan and the 21st biggest river in the world. In Dera Isamil Khan, the bank of this river is known for a place for relaxation.

Along the riverside of the Indus River, there is a park great for families and another park similar to an amusement park, which has a small Ferris wheel.


There is also a restaurant called “Midway” which is the most famous in Dera Ismail Khan. At “Midway”, you can enjoy not only Pakistani food, but also Chinese and Italian food. In addition, you can eat sobat, a dish made by pieces of bread cooked in a big pot shared with 4 to 6 people, which is a famous dish in Dera Ismail Khan.


Something that is locally a bit of a sightseeing spot is Ghazi, an old boat that is stranded along the riverside. Because the river’s water level descended, the boat became stranded on the riverside.


On the weekends, people have a good time by crossing the river on boats and swimming in the river. Especially on the weekend in the summertime, many people of various generations gather here and the area is crowded with lots of people. Along the riverside, street vendors are lined up selling types of food including ice cream, fried rice and fruits and are crowded with customers.

There are many other ways to spend time along the river. People who like to dance gather around and dance together and there are also young ones who enjoy sports like football, Frisbee, volleyball, and Kabaddi (a sport like wrestling). 

The Indus River is a great spot for fishing, so among the people who live on the riverside, there are those who make a living by fishing.


You can also see people who enjoy sports and walking along the river in Japan, just like the people in Dera Ismail Khan, so in that sense I think we can say there are similarities.

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