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We have started to distribute “Yume Pokke (Dream Pockets)”

e have started to distribute this year’s “Yume Pokke”.

In Afghanistan, the distribution of Yume Pokke started in 2005, so this is the sixth year.
For this year, the distribution started on 18th October. Yume Pokke will be given to over 3000 children who are in grade 1 to 3 in the schools in Bagram District, Parwan Province.

Each Yume Pokke is a hand-made bag filled with stationaries, toys, and other presents from Japanese primary school/ junior high school students. The children in Bagram were delighted to receive the Yume Pokke, as it is difficult for them just to go to markets.

Let me share with you the reactions of the pupils inShafaq Shaheed High School, who recently received the Yume Pokke.

The photograph shows the happy faces of the pupils in grade 2.

Here, the pupils in grade 3 are also opening the hand-made bags.

Myriam: “Thank you very much for the gift.”

November 2, 2011 in Afghanistan |