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UNDP Goodwill ambassador – Ms. Misako Konno visits Ishinomaki

On October 21 (Fri), Ms. Misako, Konno、a goodwill ambassador of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) visited Ihinomaki.  She visited various venues together with JEN staff.

First, She bisited Sudachi area, Higashihama, Oshika, and inspected fishing equipment support by JEN.  Higashihama is very famous for the fishery of mantis crab, but almost all fishing nets are flowed way by tsunami.  In order to recover the fishing life, fishermen are now making new nets.  Ms. Konnno learned how to make net from the Mr.  Ishimori, a leader of Ishinomaki east branch.

[Photo : Mr. Ishimoro and Ms. Konno]

[Photo : Ms. Konno learned how to make a net.]

Next, Ms. Konno visited Ayukawahama.  She inspected a place where “Oshika temporary shopping street” will open in November.  Ms. Konno had conversation with Mr. Numakura and Mr. Henmi, shopowners.  They were talking about the situation of the earthquake and planning of a shopping street.

[Photo : Ms. Konno, Mr. Numakura and their friends]


Last visit was to Koganehama hall at the center of IShinomaki.  JEN is running gymnastics school for kids and mental care activities (supply of chance of communication, massage and others) here. Children were there and showed their cheerful voices on this day, too.

[Photo : Kids are full of energy!]

Children played with balloons or played tag with JEN staff.  Ms. Konno got close to one girl and listened to her.ing to her.


All people have smiles when they see children laugh.  However pleasant time goes very fast.  Before leaving, Ms. Konno took a souvenir picture with children.

Thanks to Ms. Konno’s visit, many people had wonderful smiling faces in each area of Higashihama, Ayukawahama, Koganehama.  JEN is willing to make a new step for the reconstruction together with people in the areas.


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