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Support for water to prevail in the fields

Many organizations are busy supporting disaster victims here in the eastern region, where much damage resulted from war, as well as floods and droughts caused from climate change. JEN, as one of such organizations, carries out support activities for recovery of sustenance in the realm of agriculture.

In order to provide water, the most essential factor, we dig wells for agricultural purpose and give out feed pumps (the yellow item in the photo) and distribution hoses (the black item in the photo, which has 100 metres length). We arrange water to be supplied to the fields of all 8 families that share one well.

Explanatory meetings are also essential to make sure the supplies are well utilized. Along with actually handing out the items, such background activities are also carried out as part of the distribution program.

(This program is operated with cooperation from our supporters and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. )

November 24, 2011 in Sri Lanka |