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School opening ceremony in Salang District

n October 31, 2011, an opening ceremony was held at two of the schools constructed by JEN in Salang District: Ahangaran Junior High School  and Darul Hefaz Salang School.

The ceremonies were hosted by the Department of Education of Parwan Province and were attended not only by the officials of the Department of Education but also the members of JEN’s staff.

For Ahangaran Junior High School, JEN supported the construction of 3 classrooms, external walls, and the pipeline connecting the river and the water tank.

Completed classroom
(Ahangaran Junior High School)

The school officials, who had been watching the children study in conditions which were far from safe, welcomed the completion of construction works and were very happy that the children’s studying environment had improved.

The officials of the Department of Education are cutting the tape with a smile
(Ahangaran Junior High School)

For Darul Hefaz Salang School, JEN supported the construction of 6 classrooms, 6 toilets, external walls, the pipeline, and the water tank.

Completed school building
(Darul Hefaz Salang School)

JEN’s Project Manager giving a speech at the opening ceremony
(Darul Hefaz Salang School)

Approximately 200 students study at this school but there were insufficient numbers of classrooms and toilets, just like Ahangaran Junior High School.

We hope that the newly constructed facilities will help the children to study in a more comfortable environment.

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