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Restoration of business and temporary shops – Oshika shopping street has opened!

On November 18 (Fri), a temporary “Oshikashopping street” opened in Ayukawahama, Oshika.  After one month and half from the start of works, it was completed before the real winter.  A photo of the ground-breaking ceremony is here.

There are sixteen shops in “Oshika shopping street”.  They were living in Oshika peninsula and terribly suffered from earthquake and tsunami. However, they have been managing “reconstruction market” at Ayukawahama.  JEN supported peoples’ strong requirement for the restoration of shops and has materialized it with the support of HELP, a German NGO, supported.  Collaboration of JEN and HELP originated in the support for refugees in former Yugoslavia eighteen years ago.

On the sunny day, many people gathered for the opening ceremony. Chairman of Oshika Inai chamber of commerce and other people made speeches to celebrate for the opening.  JEN also attended this ceremony, made tape cut and delivered rice cake to congratulate the start of “Oshika shopping street”.

[ Photo : tape cut under the clear green sky.  It was unbelievable nice day.]

[Photo : Very busy for rice cake delivery. More than five hundred people visited there on the day!]

There are sixteen shops in Oshika shopping street.  Those are shops for food and beverage, fish, liquor, fruits and vegetable, beauty salon, souvenir, daily goods, electronic devices and others.  Just after opening the shopping street at eleven a.m., all shops were full of customers.  People were enjoying shopping for daily goods, vegetable and fish.  They also enjoyed eating ramen, sushi, soft cream and other foods that they could not taste for a long time.

“Long time to see you!”
Some people met together for the first time after the earthquake.  All shops were full of smiles of customers.

[Phote : A path is between the shops.  There are two same shop builidngs.]

People have been waiting for the opening of beauty salon for a long time.  Right after opening this salon, one customer came to have her hair cut, and other people were watching it with deep interest.

[Photo : At beauty salon, the first customer and people who are watching it]

Before, people in this area used “Oshika reconstruction market” once a week, or went shopping to the center of Ishinomaki that is about forty minutes by car or bus one way.
From now, this “Oshika shopping street is a symbol for the reconstruction.  This is a place for shopping and relaxation for the people in this area.  JEN hopes that this street will become a place full of life and many people enjoy meeting and energy here.

At Ayukawahama, people daily life is gradually recovering.  They have made a strong step forward to the real reconstruction onthis day.  This is a start for the reconstruction of the future town.  JEN will walk along with people in Ayukawa, Oshika peninsula for the reconstruction.


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