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Preparing for a severe winter – Distribution of heaters to leased temporary housing

JEN have been distributing about 70 items of daily necessities needed for life, to 6890 households among temporary housing in Ishinomaki City.

End of September: Distribution to temporary housing by JEN team

We distributed from door to door.

As the season is in transition, it gets awfully cold in the mornings and the evenings in November in Ishinomaki City, located in the northeastern part of Miyagi Prefecture. In December, the temperature often goes down to subzero.
In preparation for winter that will get harsher and harsher in Ishinomaki City, distribution of heaters to private rental housing (leased temporary housing as follows) has a great meaning.

On Monday, November 28, when the coldest time of the year was just around the corner, JEN started to distribute heaters to 6400 households who live in leased temporary housing, and sent a set of an oil fan heater and an electric carpet to each of about 200 households on that day, thanks to donation from supporters and in cooperation with Japan Platform.

Oil fan heaters and electric carpets loaded on a delivery van

Deliverers were so busy.

Measures to distribute heaters to leased temporary housing was the center of attention in society, and on that day, which was the first day of distribution, a TV station in Miyagi Prefecture visited Jen to cover the activity.

A JEN staff giving an interview to a TV station

Then, to our joy, we received gratitude from people to whom heaters have been sent. We had many letters, postcards and phone calls. We will excerpt and present part of them below.

l This first support warmed my heart too. Different from temporary housing, we were omitted from the number of victims, so we felt a bit sad wondering if we were forgotten. I feel that the support encouraged us and was heartfelt. Thank you very much. I am deeply grateful. (Woman in Ishinomaki)

l Because we have never received relief supplies, thanks to this support my gloomy feelings were wiped away. Thank you so much.(Woman in Ishinomaki)

l I was really saved when I received an electric carpet and a fan heater at the time when cold temperature touched me to the core. I lost my husband in the disaster, and our newly-built house has been smashed, so I have a still long way to go toward revival while repairing the house, but I would like to work hard with cheer from people who support me. (Woman in Ishinomaki)

As of December 7, JEN has completed distribution of heaters to 5900 households. We are planning to carry out distribution to all the households by the end of the year.

It is getting colder and colder in Ishinomaki day by day. The wind is cold, and at night the temperature gets extremely cold. To send as much warmth as possible, to have a spring brimful of hope, JEN will continue tackling.

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