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Persistence pays of, and vice versaq

By the end of last October, one project has been completed.
We would like to thank Japan Platform and all supporters.

This project required great effort with establishing well control committee and training for the communities.

They will start charging for using well to operate the committee.

The administrator will get paid while other members of the committee won't.
Even though it is called salary, it's about 250gould(6.25dollars).
In Haiti, unemployment rate is about 70%. But still finding a candidate for the administrator job was quite difficult.
However, finally the water committee has been established.

The new project which has been started since November, monitoring and supporting the activities of the well control committee is one of the most important activities.
Because even though we know the meaning of " Persistence pays off", we also know how difficult it is to keep it working.


A week or two weeks later since the delivery ceremony with music and dance, local staffs from JEN visited the wells without notifying them in advance.
What they found was that 7 out of 10 project location didn't have those administrators hired earlier. They were gone!
We were disappointed with it but we could see it happen somehow.
Probably everybody might have been through stuff like this. Ending up being "Mikkabozu" a Japanese word to describe someone who can stick to nothing.

The committee said they couldn't keep themselves motivated due to huge workloads which they found out after they were assigned to the jobs.

For now, they are trying to solve the issues by suggesting ideas like limiting open hours of wells or share the workloads with members from the committee.


JEN will support them until they can stand on their feet.The well control committee has just been born!

November 24, 2011 in Haiti |