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Oshika area – JEN has completed drills for prevention of disasters for all shelter.

On November 17. JEN made guidance of prevention of disasters and delivery of fire extinguishers to each household of shelters at Ayukawahama, Oshika peninsula, under the corporation of Oshika fire station, Onagawa.
JEN completed all drills for prevention of disasters held at shelters in eighteen zones in Oshika area on this day.

[ From now, we will visit each housing!]

JEN started the drills for prevention of disasters at shelters in Oshika peninsula in the middle of October.

Now, each shelter has one fire extinguisher, but there is no water tank and sewage.  Furthermore, as shelters are not independent houses, in case of fire, there is higher risk of damage of fire.

As they live in shelters from now, it is very important to secure the safety and reduce anxiety for them.
JEN think that such support will be linked to the mental care of people living in the area.

In Oshika area, they have had drills for prevention of disasters of earthquake and tsunami every year.  In addition to those, for the prevention of fire, JEN planned and carried out drills for prevention of fire disasters for all eighteen shelters in Oshika area and delivered fire extinguishers to all 443 shelters. 

[Drill for prevention of disasters – telephone call for fire station]

[Drill for using fire extinguisher in front of meeting place at shelters]

[Many housewives attended a drill] 

On 17, the last day of the drill, staff of the fire station and JEN visited each shelter and explained how to use fire extinguishers.  Through face to face communication and delivery of the fire extinguishers, conversation about the season and daily life occurred in addition to the how to use the equipment.

[Delivery of fire extinguisher by JEN staff]

[Laugh comes out from the conversation]

After the drills of prevention of disaster at eighteen shelters, some people said,

“We were living in individual houses before and did not care for neighborhood except relatives.  However, thanks to the drills, now we are very much concerned about the prevention of disasters.”

Many old people are living alone in shelters. In the area, spirit of mutual aid is important. In addition to that, drills for prevention of disasters for the for the worst case is also meaningful.

[View of Ayukawahama from Shelters]

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