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Nakayashiki Art School for kids

On November 19 (Sat), JEN held the Art school for kids at a community space “Nakayashiki Kissa” at Nakayashiki under the corporation of art volunteer team of studio Ai.

In spite of the rain, many children attended this art school on this day.
At first, children did not draw anything on the large white papers. However, after seeing art volunteer team staff drawing pictures pleasantly, they started to draw pictures with their favorite colors and make paper folding freely.

[Children is drawing pictures with their favorite colors freely]

In a relaxed mood with volunteers, children gradually started individual original works.

Girls put cutouts to the wall and made colorful pictures.

[Serious look!]

[Colorful picture]

On the other hand, boys are delighted to see insects and animals of paper folding made by volunteers.  They shouted  “Amazing!”, “Looks storong!” 

[Cutouts of Mantis, butterfly, bird and others]

Before closing the art school, children said “When is closing? “What time do we go home?”  They did not seem to be satisfied, but closing time came. They corporated to put things in order.

JEN held the art school for kids on the next day, too. Children made many wonderful articles full of their idea.

[Articles – picture of fir and socks for Christmas]

[Articles – full of kids’ ideas]

People and children always gather at Nakayashikissa. There are adults who discipline children even if they are not their own children.
Nakayashiki area also heavily suffered from tsunami.  However, Nakayashikissa will watch children as a lamplite.

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