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First Female Instructor of Repairing Hand Pumps

Here is an extra story of the project. Let us introduce a South Sudani female instructor from Water department who has been playing an important role on trainings for engineer of repairing hand pumps. We had reported about her at our news flash, which had been published 2 times before. The reason why she was focused on was that female instructors are absolutely rare in this country.

Her name is Christine Proidencio (39), an instructor mother rising 5 children.

She started working for Water Department as an office staff in 1992 and received a training of repairing hand pumps in 1993. There was no female except her in 31 trainees.

Her mark was excellent and she was chosen as a repairing engineer of Water dept. She had been a first repairing engineer in Central Equatoria State and probably in South Sudan area too. We could see it from the fact that all visitor of Water dept. from other states was surprised at female repairing engineer.


Nowadays, there are 2 female instructors (for repairing hand pumps) in Central Equatoria State Water dept. including her, and we hope they shine with their profession.

In addition, there were three women in 33 participants from other area in JEN’s repairing engineer training. We would like to have interviews with them in near future.

This project is supported by JPF and Chabo! and all supporters.

(Article by Hileserasse Melesse )

November 24, 2011 in South Sudan |