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Workers behind the scenes

In the last activity update we showed you the construction sites, where we find workers who are involved in the actual construction works, workers who provide technical support, or those who manage the construction schedule.

However, there are also other important players. Yes, that’s right. I mean the workers  who manage the construction materials. Let’s focus on those workers today.


The workers always confirm the quantity of the construction materials when they arrive from the suppliers to the warehouse or when they are transferred from the warehouse to the construction sites.

Delivering the right amount of the necessary materials according to the construction schedule is also an important part of operational management.

By the way, we are still in the dry season here in the Northern Province and it was also a very sunny day when we took this photograph.


We can see the truck driver’s ingenious idea to avoid scorching himself from the sun-heated seat.
Using the leaves from the trees seems very Sri Lankan, as the country is rich in vegetation.


What do you think the man in the third photograph is doing?
He is also one of the workers at the warehouse. He is using a newspaper to wrap the nails by the quantity required for the construction of a shelter.
There is a long list of materials which he needs to pack, such as hinges and locks.

It is these backstage works that ensure the smooth operation at the construction site.

October 27, 2011 in Sri Lanka |