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Well management Committee to start functioning! 5W1H??

JEN has been struggled to put a well administration and management system on track with the committee members. They are chosen by voting and serve without pay. Some of them declined to take part on the committee, because they realized how much works they have to handle when they actually get down to work.

Although those who remained in the committee are busy at their work, they managed to spare time for meeting with JENS's local staffs twice a week and make rules about how people share the well. JEN alone can lay down rules easily but the most important thing is to make them fit reality through discussing among the members.

For that reason, the rules were adopted one by one, after all members agreed why a rule was necessary.

Now that it was the time to unveil the rules, people were invited to the meeting of the committee. The formal introduction of the committee came first followed by explaining the rules. The people present receive explanation about how to collect dues, who is to hold them, how they are used and how information is shared. As a rehearsal beforehand was critical for giving a plain presentation, we had its simulation with JEN's staff. Our effort paid off and so the registration of well users has already begun. That was a meaningful progress in such area where people hadn't had a custom to pay for water.

October 13, 2011 in Haiti |