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【Volunteer Dispactch】Still on-going at inflicted houses

Period: 7/10/2011-13/10/2011
Total participants: 3083 volunteers

We engaged in helping an affected resident clean up their house at Urayashki district.
Water had reached high up to the ceiling of its first floor.

Day one, we completely removed sludge piled up beneath its first floor. Day two, we applied some antiseptic to its bases and joists so that people may be able to live there again.
He was so moved that he could not help having watery eyes and thanked us saying, “I haven’t’ see any people like you who helped me overcome difficulties after the March disaster.”


THe owner of the house was at first thought that he would have to accept the demolition of his house. “- but now I think I can see a light in the future.” said he quite hopefully.


Within a stone’s cast off the main street, there were quite a few houses which have not yet been untouched. JEN will continue to meet every call for help from individuals.

October 24, 2011 in Tohoku earthquake |