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Updates on the construction of shelters and latrines

With the financial assistance from Japan Platform and JEN’s supporters, JEN is currently repairing/cleaning wells and constructing shelters and latrines in Mullaitivu District, Northern Province, as part of the Livelihood Rehabilitation Project for the Returnees.

Let’s have a look at the construction sites of shelters and latrines. It takes about 1 week to complete one shelter or latrine.

Shelter 1: First of all, we make geometric measurements and then dig the places where we need to mount the pillars.

Shelter 2: We then position the wooden pillars, processed to protect them from insects and corrosion, and fill the spaces with concrete blocks.

Shelter 3: Here, the roof has been constructed. The next step will be to make the floor and the walls. Of course, we will put doors with locks.

Latrine 1: The photograph shows the construction of a storage tank for the latrine. It is large enough to last for 3 to 5 years. 

Latrine 2: A toilet bowl is installed in an individual cabin, which is connected to the storage tank by a pipe. This latrine will be completed once the door is installed.

October 13, 2011 in Sri Lanka |