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The additional building construction works began at schools in Parwan Province

One of the areas JEN deploys support projects, Salang District in Parwan Province, has many mountain areas. Lots of snow accumulates in mountain areas in winter and rivers in valleys swell in rainy season.
Schools located in mountain areas live with risk caused by natural disasters such as snowslide and landslides. Some of the schools that JEN provides health education and develops school facilities are located in the environment like this.


Darul Hifaz School today - water and sanitation plants and school facilities have been developed.
In areas like this, retaining walls are needed to protect schools and villages from snowslide and landslide damages.
Therefore, JEN had talked with the village people, and had carried out necessary adjustments with education authority and agricultural restoration development authority. In the result, it was decided to conduct additional construction works at 6 schools’ facilities.
Addition to classrooms, setting up of external walls, restoration of school roofs, and construction of retaining walls are included in the additional construction works.
Among these works, we will share with you the status of retaining walls construction at Darul Hifaz School andEngineer Mohammad Gull-i-Shahid middle school in mountain areas.


Darul Hifaz School

In winter, mountains surrounding this area have a heavy snow accumulation. The construction of retaining walls began to protect the area from snowslide.



Engineer Mohammad Gull-i-Shahid middle school

We will proceed the construction work to protect schools and villages from snowslide and landslide damages, and to provide children a safe environment for study.

October 6, 2011 in Afghanistan |