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【Temporary Shopping center】 Awaited temporary shops to open at Ayukawahama district in Ojika peninsula!

  Ayakawa dictrict in Ojika peninsula, where district had been thriving as a fishery town, was deadly inflicted by the disaster and many of the business owners there lost their stores.

JEN has been supporting to construct 'Ayukawahama Norenngai', a temporary shopping center as a stronghold of their recovery so that people in Ayukawahama may be able to recover their living and stimulate businesses in corporation with the chamber of commerce of Ishinomaki city, that of Ojika where Ayukawahama belongs and Ojika Recovery Support Conference.

Finally, the construction has completed. On Oct. 6, 'Hanjo-kigannsai' a ceremony to pray for good business in Ayukawahama and 'Shichifukujinnmai' a local performing art by people there took place and many joined them.



'Ojika Revival shopping stall' which has been taking place once a week since June will open permanently as 'Ayukawahama Norenngai', a temporary shopping mall. All told, sixteen stores will start business there; they are ranging from fresh food stores, living ware stores, drug stores, and restaurants. It's going to open at middle of the November.

JEN's recovery assistance still continues in the period ahead. We would like you to come and get a feeling of vitality here in Ayukawahama.


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