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【Temporary shopping center】Encourage younger generation

Img_1383 It has been two weeks since the construction of “Noren-Gai” mall started.

As I heard that remarkable progress has been seen, I accompanied a person in charge who was heading to the constructing site. You can see how “Hanjokigann-sai” or the ceremony to celebrate good business was taken place in this picture.

The framework of the mall has been completed. In one of two mall-blocks, the installation of insulators was already finished. The construction contractor is from Fukushima neighboring prefecture, he himself has also been inflicted by the March disaster.

With so many refurbishments and building new houses asked by local clients to get through, he was managing nearly ten carpenters to complete building “Noren-Gai” as quickly as possible, where about 4,000 people in Ojika would come to shop daily.

This footage was taken by chance. A young man in the picture(at left) had others' attention, running and skipping busily, lightly here and there with a bunch of documents in his hand.
He is the youngest shopkeeper in sixteen shops in “Noren-Gai” and going to run a grocery.
You can notice his resolution even from his outfit. The temperature of that day was below twenty centigrade.

On October 23, she will come to Tokyo to participate in an event making time amid the construction.


Before the March earthquake, the coastal water body around Ojika Peninsula was a very rich fishery and it was the core business to sell marine products caught there.

After the disaster, he resolved to live up to the expectations of elder people around him because they told him how crucial it was to recover marine products processing business there which could employ a lot of local people, prevent them from fleeing there and sell those products as the staple products there. And so I decided to back his great resolution.

Volunteers who engage in support can give a trigger to restart to those who receive the support but simply by that any outcome won't be expected. It is not until cooperation with those local people followed by their own one-step toward restarting is secured, that the support results in self-reliance. I greatly thank all of the people in Ojika for their corporation.

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