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【Temporary Shelter】 A tea party to meet each other

P1030907  On October1, a tea party took place at a meeting place in a temporary shelter complex.

This time, intended participants were people living in the third and the fourth section in this complex. Although it was the first tea party, a good many people of all ages gathered.



There aren't supermarkets or retail stores nearby and so local people shop at a far-off city or a moving stall coming down twice a week.

At first, a few of the people were wondering whether or not to participate in the tea party. However, once they sit around the same table, they naturally began to talk each other even they were complete strangers and many of them were seen to have pleasant chat. Quite naturally, they were seen to introduce each other, exchange contact information and give information for daily life.



Amid everyone was having a happy time, the time to close the party came. Then local people helped JEN volunteer staffs tidy up.

Being blessed with fine weather, we were able to have the first cheerful tea party. We will have the tea party here in the period ahead. The tea parties have taken place at eight places recently and we will continue to hold them at appropriate occasion and place based on the needs.

October 3, 2011 in Tohoku earthquake |