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Skill up at the security training course

For 5 days from the 2nd of Oct., there was a joint security training course for the staff of the JEN Afghanistan and Pakistan. The participants are seven from the local staffs of the managing class who plays an active supporting role in the field in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and two from the international staff who are stationed at the Islamabad office.


All staff listed above all gathered at Islamabad and took the courses at the Islamabad Police Academy.

This training course was consisted by two workshops, which was “the personal security” and “security risk management (SRM)”.
This was a program that was specialized for the local staff in Afghanistan and Pakistan who actively work at the field to respond either in emergency or daily.


We were informed about the risk that can happen during our daily life, the risk in specific in area like Afghanistan and Pakistan, the risk at dangerous zones by the two security trainers. Two security trainers informed, used videos and had group discussion in order to understand the contents.

We practiced an exercise drill by summarizing the risk in a table matrix, evaluate and manage. Other than this, there was a simulating exercise to deal with these risks in teams.


In concrete, there were practical course like how to save lives, first aid, how to use GPS, stress management, crisis management avoid danger through practical drills.


The areas where JEN is acting are mostly under risk. In that kind of circumstance, it is very important for the staff to achieve the capability to understand and deal with these various crises.

In order to precede the project we must manage the risk not to experience the training that was received. 

We will continue to work smoothly on the project at Afghanistan and Pakistan for the people who need aid.


The toilets, the well and water utilities construction and the classroom and outer wall of the school is under construction in the 14 schools of Saran, Parwan.

October 20, 2011 in Afghanistan |