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Restoration of livelihood and dispatch of volunteers – helping oyster farming in Kozakihama in Oshika Peninsula

Period: 2011/11/4-11/10
Cumulative total number of volunteers: 3422
Cumulative total number of volunteers supporting fishery: 356

Today, Friday, November 11, the volunteer activity is making matrices for oyster farming in Kozakihama for the second time. These matrices are for oysters that will be used in summer next year. This year as the oysters have been washed away by the tsunami, a larger number will be needed; therefore they have to be prepared from now.

This time 20 employees of Prudential Life Insurance, and 10 employees of Mitsui Bussan participated.

At first they were a bit awkward, and working cautiously, “Is this OK?” However, as time passed they got used to it, and even devoted the intermission to be absorbed in the work.

At last everyone was competing how many they could make in the time limit.


When we asked for comments they said that it was difficult, they could attain a mental state with nothing present, could train their power of concentration, etc.


Also, it was very impressive that they had a pleasant chat with local fisherpersons during the work.


Finally we took a group photo. This amount of matrices has been completed.


When they were going back, they surely got tired all of a sudden. We really appreciate their hard work. Thank you.
It will be from around fall the year after next when they can harvest the oysters on the matrices we made this time. All we hope is that everyone’s wish for reconstruction will bear fruit in fall 2013, and bring a smile.

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