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【Physco-Social Care】Nine pupils

~At Oginohama primary school in Ojika peninsula~

On Oct. 22, a 'show and tell' took place at Ogihama primary school in Ojika peninsula and JEN joined it as an audience where JEN's volunteers have visited time and again and are totally familiar with the principal and the pupils. Local people who gathered in the gym were pleased to reunion and their familiar voices were heard here and there, like "It's been a long time. Have you been fine?"[


The tsunami swept over Oginohama primary school playground and a stream nearby by and traffic signals and utility poles in front of the school were leveled to the ground. JEN has engaged in removing sludge from the school, its periphery and cleaning up the stream. And so the stream now is so pure that sweet fish came back. Just when the pupils got pleased with that, landslides caused by the typhoon 15 made our efforts go down into the drain.

Local people call landslide "Yama-tsunami"(Tsunami from the mountain). However, after the landslide JEN continued its efforts to remove sludge from the playground and its periphery along with volunteers.

The number of pupils of Ogihama primary school has dwindled one by one to nine from twenty-one due to transference. Even the 'show and tell' with only nine pupils, they danced 'The Soran' dance lively.


Then, old six friends of theirs came in and reunited. All told, fifteen pupils danced ' Oginohama primary school Soran ' bravely in front of the many people.



The energetic dance by those pupils who have been brought up with sea moved audiences' hearts.

"Thank you!",
"We want more!"


the whole floor burst into cheers. Their remarks "Whatever happened, this is our hometown." and a song "Furusato" or 'my hometown' sang by all of the participants impressed us greatly.

Like this, JEN will help local people rebuild their life step by step sharing in spirits with them.

Those pupils lifted spirits of JEN's staff and volunteers. In return, JEN along with volunteers will tomorrow give people's spirits a lift at another place.

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